Paula’s Grey Chair- my experience with painting fabric

I found this beautiful Chair on the sidewalk sale by the Church where my Friend held Baby Shower. I passed the place by one half of the block…and there he was on the grass… God have his mysterious ways to lead me to these places LOL My Friends laughed at me that I bought my own comfy Tron to the party 🙂
My lovely daughter in law Paula fall in love with this chair but yellow and green flowers and pale cream fabric didn’t match her interiors..so I painted for her.
I used Annie Sloan custom mix of Paris Gray and French Linen on fabric sealed with clear wax. Wood was painted with same mix as a base coat, than dry brushed with Graphite, clear wax, little bit of white wax here and there. Distressed in places where should look worn. I applied Gold leaf on all carved parts and dry brushed with graphite and Paris Gray to give this OLD WORLD LOOK. Than I have waxed with clear wax, than distressed than apply Black Chiffon Glaze Couture on gilded carvings. After wiping excess I have apply Gold leaf again I few spots. I am pleased wit the outcome. Fabric is soft and have this delicate soft leather feel. Paula love her Chair 🙂


Seascape Hand Painted Half Moon Table

100% Hand Painted Table using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. Color Chart is attached in the album.Finish of Base and Legs of the table resemble sand. This effect was achieved by using Artisan Enhancements Fine Stone ( High Quality Wood Plaster with Beach Sand in it) I have also add some more sand and used Annie Sloan Decoupage Glue to seal it. Dry brushed technique used to apply Chalk Paint over Fine Stone Finish in sand like colors (Old Ochre, Coco, Country Gray, Cream, Arles and Old White) Sealed with Annie Sloan Clear Wax.
24″W/12″D/25″H.This table was given to Charity Auction to Save EYE and Life of 1 year old polish boy name Piotrus


Half Moon Table -Retro Style

Half Moon Table in Retro Style, Vintage around 1920/1930., Top- Image transfer of Giovani Boldini (1842-1931) painting and my free hand painting using multiple color custom mixed Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. Legs (AS Aubusson Blue base coat, Graphite Top Coat, Scandinavian Pink , Craqueleur, distressed, Gilding Wax, Dark Wax, Clear Wax.
This Table would look great at Entry Hallway as a conversational piece of Furniture ( Conversation will start and end on it I can guarantee 🙂


Unique Antique Triangular Table Accent Table

This unique antique triangular table was in bad shape. To increase the value I have created functional art show stopper by using multiple colors custom blended chalk paints. Image transfer of famous Leonardo da Vinci drawing of “Female Head” on Table Top made to look like fresco, along with ancient French script stencil telling the story about Leonardo da Vinci art in France.
Unique metal stretcher with Finial repainted to resemble Old.
World iron patina.
Weight 17 lbs
Height 27″
Table top 24″/24″/24″ ( however, depth from corner to corner in the most width place is 27″)


French Bombay Chest

This stunning French “bombe-shape” chest has 2 drawers with bronze ornate French decorative hardware, I gold leafed wooden ornaments and hand painted her in deep raspberry/hot pink custom mix colors from Miss Lillian’s color palette. This wonderful reproduction of Louis XV style commode was handcrafted in Italy. I painted her apply gold leaf, distressed, glazed and sealed in spectacular antique finish which gives it a genuine antique look and feel. This piece of furniture is true showstopper and will bring WOW factor to any room in your house.
Similar original examples of this Chest from 19th century are sold on Auction’s for over 90,000.
Height 32″
Width 46″
Depth 18″
It will be posted for sale later this afternoon at:


Angel Of the Good Heart Antique Freehand Painted Table

This Table was created specially to raise money for 1 year old Piotrus with eye cancer at the Auction at Copernicus Center Chicago. I have dreamd about this Angel showing and giving his heart and I painted him and sculptured him from memory of my dream freehand with out the scatching him first. I want to move someones heart..and I did. Table went to New Jersey to lovely home of Kasia and her Family. I used Antique Mersman Dameged Demi Luna Table and restored him. I used Miss Lillian’s product line. Custom mixed paint and Magic Texture for sculpuring Angel wings.


Accent Table with Girl and her Veil Transfer Image

Unique Vintage Accent Table redesigned by Barbara Hansen at Metamorfoza Furniture. Table is painted with Greystone color-High Quality Miss Lillian’s No Wax Chalk Paint. Freehand painting and Image Transfer combination on Top of the Table. Beautiful nostalgic painting of Girl looking at her white veil. Painting resemble Nostalgic Vintage photography by adding Daguerreotype pained framing. On the sides and inside of the drawers are gold gilded stencils. Gold Gilding Wax on the Details.This original and unique vintage Accent Table will add charm to any room and will be the topic of the conversation for visitors. True Showstopper.


Vintage Clock Accent Table

Vintage Round Accent Table, Restyled and Redesign and faux finished by Artist Barbara Hansen @ Metamorfoza Furniture to resemble Patinated and Rusted Old World Iron Clock on Stone Wall. This Beautiful Functional Art Table will be WOW factor of any room. This is piece of Art is definitely a Show stopper. Raised Stencils made it look so real!.
Table was painted with Cusom mix of Miss Lilian’s NO-Wax Chock Paint.


Harp/Lyre Accent Antique Tables

Duncan Phyfe rare Harp/Lyre End/Accent Tables- 4 carved klismos legs with brass paw feet, and small roundels at the base. The Harp/Lyre was used as a decoration to represent the time period the original piece was from circa (1810-1825).
Tables were refurbished and redesign and hand painted by Barbara Hansen at Metamorfoza Furniture.
Table tops are freehand painted combined with image transfers of Vintage Photography “Meditation” by French Parisian pictorialist and photographer Rene Le Begue (1857-1914)-public domain. Beautiful women on the picture represents Erato one of the nine Muses in Greek mythology. Erato is the Muse of lyric poetry. Since the Renaissance she is often shown with wreath of myrtle and roses and Cithera ( ancient Lyre-small Harp/kithara a musical instrument that Appollo or she herself invented).
Drawers have musical notes raised stencil, Inside lined with decoupage napkins
Annie Sloan Chalk Paint custom mix of Graphite, Gold No VOC Paint Couture and Antiquing, sealing Glaze Couture in Black Shifon. AE Craqueleur, Dark and Clear Annie Sloan Wax.
28″High/18″W/14″ Deep

Available for Sale at my Etsy Store


done top and front super 1
Hand Painted Vintage Commode

I would like to start New Year by keeping my promise to you. Here it is my journey and Metamorphosis of Cabinet/Commode using print image transfer of Henry Tonks oil painting from 1905 (public domain) and Annie Sloan Chalk Paint custom mixes to match colors from painting. Freehand painting alternation to cover entire front of cabinet, Raised Stencil on the inside of thedoor. Craqueleur. Pale Gold Paint Couture, Antiquing Glaze Couture, Clear and Dark Annie Sloan Wax to seal entire piece. I hope you will enjoy the tour 😉


Unique Vintage Sewing Cabinet

Unique Vintage Sewing Cabinet, Carved drawers, Top open up to compartment for thread spools and sewing, and craft supplies. Beautifully restore, refinished and repainted in Blue and Gold Top Quality Decor Paint Couture. Sealed with Couture Antiquing Glaze.

Hand Painted top combined with image transfer of William Wallace Gilchrist Jr (1879-1926) Painting-“Girl sewing a party dress”-Public Domain
This is first time I have experimented with different type of paint than Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.

I was inspired by beautiful Hutch painted by Micki Coles at Great Wall Supply with Paint Couture. I am impressed by smooth finish and economic usage.

I still used Annie Sloan chalk paint for my freehand painting on top of the Cabinet though mixing many different colors from her palette to match the image!

This unique piece of art furniture will make wonderful “Dream Come True” Holiday Gift for crafty person.Unique organizer and conversational piece of furniture in one.


French and Italian Cafe Vintage Tables

French/Italian Cafe End Vintage Tables Weiman Heirloom Quality(788-3303 and 372-9452), mid century circa 1960 French Provincial Side Sofa Tables.
I have redesigned them using multiple techniques. First I have painted them with custom mix of French Linnen and Paris Gray , custom mix of Old White and Pure White and Versailles Annie Sloan Chalk Paint to match Image transfers on top of the tables. French Caffe Table have Image transfer and freehand painted top, bottom shelf have French letter stencil and Eiffle Tower postmark raised stensil, AE craqueleur and glazed by custom made glaze made of AS Versailles Chalk Paint and clear wax for aging. I also used little bit of aging dust. Italian Cafe have image transfer and handfree painted top. I want the body to resamble walls of old buildings; therefore, I used AE media for faux finishes and created my own finish called “italian crustini” inspired by Paris Crust finish (invented by artist Jennifer Ferguson), I have also made faux brick on the sides of the table. Inside and sides of the drawers have a suprise- image transfers on top of image transfer and freehandpainting. Distressed and sealed with clear wax.

This unique and one of a kind accent tables will bring charm to your living room or bedroom. It make a show stopper and excellent conversional piece of art furniture.

These Tables are available for sale at my Etsy store


Queen Bee Coffee Table

Romantic, French Shabby Coffee Table with Queen Bee decoupage on top and image transfer on the bottom. Painted with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Custom mix of Duck Egg Blue, Old White and Chateau Grey with little addition of Arles and Graphite. Dry brush and stippling technique used to achieve stone like finish effect. Sealed with Annie Sloan clear and Dark wax. It depends on sunlight table change color from mint green, stony gray, silvery blue, silvery cream and more..Just look at the pictures 🙂 I am very happy with result of Queen Bee Metamorphosis. I hope you like this transformation as much as I doo! This table will be great statment piece in your living room, patio, entryway or bedrom!
Please contact me for more details if you are interested. You will find this table at my Etsy Store soon


Make A Wish Foundation Painted Vanity

This Vanity was made for 11 year old girl fighting brain tumor. Make-A-Wish
Foundation granted her wish for bedroom makeover! I was contacted by Make-A-Wish Foundation volunteer few days ago with question if I could help with this project.-What an honor!
Make a wish Kiddo dreamed about purple/lavender/white bedroom.
I sent a picture of vanity I had and could donate to Make-A-Wish Coordinator Kathleen Quain-Lyall and she like it!
I have used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Custom mix. of Emile, Henrietta, Napoleonic Blue, Emperor’s Silk and Old Violet ( Please see my album pictures for color mixing chart). I was searching for appropriate image transfer on Internet and looking for stencils to add this special touch to this vanity…Couldn’t find anything I would like…and then…I listen to the whisper of the vanity, or maybe that was whisper of my heart or my soul..or “Make a wish girl” dream…I really don’t know…I picked artist brush and start freehand painting…Here is the result. I hope she like it…


Journey Coffee/End Table

Adorable Cabinet/End Table Hand Painted in Annie Sloan Chalk Water based Non Toxic, Odor free Paint ( Mixes and Dry brush/wash method used of Emperor’s Silk, Burgundy and Primer Red) Distressed edges in green Artist Acrylic Paint to match colors on Old Maps Transfer (Old Map Transferred using Artisan Enhancements Transfer Medium Gel, this is NOT Decoupage. Maps are NOT glued to the wood; therefore, there is no paper feeling to the touch). Transfer image on both sides and inside of the drawer. Wax Metallic Lustre Iced Espresso Finish used for accents and aging.
Sealed with Annie Sloan Clear and Dark non toxic and odorless wax.
This little table is The Statement/Conversational piece of Art Furniture. Many hours of work and many expensive products used to achieve this effect!

!8″W/14″D/26.05 H


Michael Jackson Vanity-Custom Order

This Vanity was made for daughter of my Dear Friend. She picked image of Her Idol and the favorite quote. Those of you who seen my previous work knows that I make vintage pieces, distressed, chipped with layers of paint…
I thought–I could do this!
I took the challenge and it was fun and labor of love!!
I have inserted the quote and print the image. I took to Stapels and they enlarged for me. Then I have transferred the image using AE Transfer Gel. Original color of Vanity was white. I have mix Graphite Chalk Paint ( Annie Sloan with Beetle Black Vintage Decor Paint matte chalk finish (Martha Steward). Inside of the drawer-red contrast- Emperor’s Silk Chalk Paint Annie Sloan. Sealed with AS Clear Wax and Clear Topcoat Sealer by Artisan Enhancements. Vanity hides few surprises:1) MJ hand print and autograph image transfer in the drawer, 2) MJ Letter to Fans transfer image on the back of folded vanity mirror and 3) MJ Silhouette on the back of other folded mirror.
Now- Pssst-This is a Secret: I think I follow in love with MJ all over again….♥


La Parisienne Retro/Vintage Cigar Cabinet

Vintage Cabinet from Depression Era Beautifully finished and hand painted with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint ( Florence/Graphite/Old White/Pure White and my own Custom mixes of AS chalk paints colors. Transfer image on 2 sides and Raised Stencil with Eiffel Tower on 2 sides. AECraquelleur and CraqTex, PearlPlaster, Stensils inside and top of this treasure cabinet. Sealed with Annie Sloan Clear and Dark Wax


French Country Chic Style

Beautiful Vintage Cabinet painted with Ann Sloan Chalk Paint : Barcelona Orange Base Coat, Olive Top Coat, Distressed, Dry brushed with Chateau Gray, Interior in Old Ochre and Stencil on Stencil technique, Ann SloanClear Wax as a sealing agent. In addition this cabinet have a matching mirror.


Shabby Chic Style-50 Shades of Gray

Ann Sloan Chalk Paint, Graphite and Old White Custom mix, dry brush and white wash technique, , Stencil in Paris Gray, Primer Red Base Coat, AE Craqueleur, distressed.Napkins decoupage inside of the drawers. Sealed with Ann Sloan Clear Wax-SOLD


Retro Chic Style

Cute Treasure GBW ( Globe Bosse World Furniture circa 1899-1946) Cabinet painted with Ann Sloan Chalk Paint, Napoleonic Blue, Dry brushed with Antibes Green, Louis ICart “La Glicynia”Painting Image Transfer, Free hand painted on the side and bottom of the image to match colors of transfer image, Drawers painted base coat -Napoleonic blue, AE Craqueleur, Top coat in Varsailles, Ann Sloan Clear and Dark Wax – SOLD


French Cottage Chic Style- Gossip Bench

French Cottage/Shabby Chic Style-Gossip Bench/Vintage Telephone Table Metamorphosis using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Greek Blue, Aubusson Blue, Napoleonic Blue, Graphite, Old white, Pure White, Distressed to reveal blue base coat matching upholstery fabric, AE Craqueleur, Upholster in cute white and blue (blue birds and blue flowers) waterproof, stain proof fabric made by Benson Mills Company.. Side of table decoupaged in fabric…
For Sale: 245$ ( 4th of July Promotion- Free Porcelain Vintage Style Phone Included-Offer ends on 4th of July)